Versus Arthritis Centre for Sport, Exercise and Osteoarthritis
University of Nottingham
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2020 Applications Closed 


Scheme dates: Monday 1 July - Friday 28 August 2020

Opportunities include: 

  • The potential to run a self-contained study or analysis 
  • Experience of the research governance process 
  • Involvement in the data collection process 
  • Participation in multi-professional seminars and workshops 
  • Becoming part of a network of young researchers in sport, exercise and osteoarthritis

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Feedback from a selection of Centre Interns:

Naomi Algeo completed her internship at University of Southampton in 2014. Naomi's report can be accessed by clicking here.   

Stephanie Messner kindly summarised her 2016 internship with the Centre. Stephanie's report can be viewed by clicking here


"Fantastic and great experience, made many new friends. My interest in research has further developed"
2018 Intern
"Good networking opportunities, and it is great ARUK still keep in contact after the scheme has finished with other opportunities"
2017 Intern
"The site visits were a great opportunity for networking and to see some of the latest research that is being worked on by the institutions under the Centre's umbrella."
2016 Intern
"Being able to work on a project of interest under the supervision of experts in the field was great."
2016 Intern

"I feel I understand the research process and challenges a lot more following my internship and my research skills have developed beyond undergraduate level."
2016 Intern

"It was fantastic to meet and talk to so many researchers and spend time with the other interns to share each other's views and experiences."
2015 Intern
"The internship was a great opportunity to gain exposure to all manner of musculoskeletal research that I wouldn't have otherwise come across."
2015 Intern
"I have developed professional relationships both with staff within the Centre and amongst peers on the Internship Scheme and, most importantly, I feel I have made genuine friendships as well."
2015 Intern
"I had the opportunity to engage in all steps of the project which gave me an invaluable taster of life in research."
2014 Intern
"Overall, the internship has been a fantastic opportunity and I would recommend anyone in the medical and/or sports science field with an interest in research to apply for future internships." 
2014 Intern
"Listening to talks about ongoing research and seeing the facilities at each of the sites gives you a really good feel for how the sites collaborate to develop and move arthritis research forward."
2014 Intern