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Internship Scheme projects

Applications Closed

Scheme dates: Monday 1 July - Friday 28 August 2020

 Host Institution Supervisor / Mentor Project Title/Area 
University of Bath  Professor James Bilzon and Dr Enhad Chowdhury Theme: Influence of energy restriction and/or exercise modality on pain, function and systemic biomarkers in patients with knee osteoarthritis.
University of Bath  Carly McKay / Ross Watkins Developing an app for knee health self-management: The Post-traumatic Osteoarthritis Support Tool (POST) study
University of Nottingham Dr Kim Edwards Understanding the osteoarthritis burden: spatial microsimulation of osteoarthritis prevalence at the small area level in England
University of Oxford  Dr. Garrett Bullock Long Term Health of Baseball Players  
University of Southampton Dr Lucy Gates/Prof Cathy Bowen Survey development (using cognitive interviews) to identify foot and ankle related risk factors in athletes  
University of Bath  Professor James Bilzon, Dr Simon Jones and Dr Enhad Chowdhury Influence of the intelligent Knee Osteoarthritis Lifestyle App (iKOALA) on physical activity and symptom self-management in individuals with early knee OA
Loughborough University  Dr Jonathan Folland / Dr Tom Balshaw Ageing, neuromuscular function and resistance training
University of Leeds Professor Anthony Redmond  and Dr David Lunn Energy expenditure and function during activities of daily living in people with OA and/or total hip replacement


For all initial enquiries, please email