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International Foot and Ankle OA Group

The International Foot and Ankle OA group was established by the Centre in January 2019.


Our vision focuses on bringing together a network of clinicians, scientists and other health professionals/key stakeholders who share a common interest in foot and ankle OA. 


Our primary aim is to drive the research agenda related to OA setting research priorities in foot and ankle OA to maximise progress and impact that will ultimately improve outcomes for people with OA. A secondary aim is that the foot and ankle could also be viewed as an untapped ‘case study’ into OA research, that if given more focused and collaborative attention internationally may provide some additional insights into the aetiopathogenesis of OA in general.


Over 50 members, comprising researchers and clinical academics from across the world.  There are 6 members on the steering group that lead the OARSI Foot and Ankle OA discusion group.

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