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University of Nottingham
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Centre Publications - 2021

See below for a list of the Centre's publications during 2021 

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Ayub S, Kaur J, Hui M, Espahbodi S, Hall M, Doherty M, Zhang W. Efficacy and safety of multiple intra-articular corticosteroid injections for osteoarthritis—a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials and observational studies.  Rheumatology (January 2021)  

Allan R, Cassidy R.P, Coppack R.J, Papadopoulou T and Bennett A.N. Biomechanical and clinical outcomes in response to inpatient multidisciplinary hip and groin rehabilitation in UK military personnel. BMJ Military Health. Feb 2021.

Barden C, Quarrie K.L, McKay C, Stokes K.A. Employing Standardised Methods to Compare Injury Risk Across Seven Youth Team Sports. International Journal of Sports Medicine 2021. DOI: 10.1055/a-1327-3009 

Burns A.M, Nixon A, Mallinson J, Cordon S.M, Stephens F.B, Greenhaff P.L.  Immobilisation induces sizeable and sustained reductions in forearm glucose uptake in just 24 hours but does not change lipid uptake in healthy men. The Journal of Physiology. February 2021. 

Chee C, Shannon C.E, Burns A, Selby A.L, Wilkinson D, Smith K, Greenhaff P.L, Stephens FB.Increasing skeletal muscle carnitine content in older individuals increases whole‐body fat oxidation during moderate‐intensity exercise. Ageing Cell (2021).

Craxford S, Marson B.A, Oderuth E, Nightingale J, Agrawal Y, Ollivere B. Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus in hip fracture. The Bone and Joint Journal, January 2021. 

Griffin S.A, Mendham A, Krustrup P, Murray A, Peirce N, Larkin J, Jaques R, Cowie C.M, Stokes K.A, Kemp S.P.T. Team sport in a COVID-19 world. A catastrophe in waiting, or an opportunity for community sport to evolve and further enhance population health?British Journal of Sports Medicine 2021

Hammond A, Prior Y, Cotterill S, Sutton C, Camacho E, Heal C, Adams J, Hough Y, O’Neill T.W & Firth J.  Clinical and cost effectiveness of arthritis gloves in rheumatoid arthritis (A-GLOVES): randomised controlled trial with economic analysis. BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders (2021) 

Leyland, K. M., Gates, L., Sanchez-Santos, M. T., Nevitt, M., Felson, D., Jones, G., Jordan, J. M., Judge, A., Alhambra, D. P., Yoshimura, N., Newton, J., Callahan, L. F., Cooper, C., Batt, M., Lin, J., Liu, Q., Cleveland, R., Collins, G. & Arden, N. K. Knee osteoarthritis and time-to all-cause mortality in six community-based cohorts: an international meta-analysis of individual participant-level data. Aging Clinical and Experimental Research. February 2021. 

Mann R.H, Clarsen B.M, McKay C.D, Clift B.C, Williams C.A, Barker A.R. Prevalence and burden of health problems in competitive adolescent distance runners: A 6-month prospective cohort study. Journal of Sports Sciences Jan 2021.

Smith S.H.L, Coppack R.J, van den Bogert A.J, Bennett A.N, Bull A.M.J. Review of musculoskeletal modelling in a clinical setting: Current use in rehabilitation design, surgical decision making and healthcare interventions. Clinical Biomechanics Feb 2021.


Edwards K. Invited to speak at the House of Lords formal meeting (oral evidence session): National Plan for Sport and Recreation. 20 January 2021  

Watkins, R. What happens next? A research perspective from former PenARC PhD student, Dr Ross Watkins | PenARC ( NIHR ARC South West Peninsula. 18 January 2021.