Versus Arthritis Centre for Sport, Exercise and Osteoarthritis
University of Nottingham
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Related research grants 2018-2023


Ahmed, O, Adams, JE, Bond, C and Meroli, M.  Pump Priming. Living with Arthritis: how patients and the public use arthritis information on YouTube. £4,807.40.  Bournemouth University. (2019)

Clarkson, P, Adams, J, Stokes, M, Muckelt, P, Everett, H, McDonough, S, Clark, C, Cook, K and Saynor, Z.  Literature Review effectiveness of digital behaviour change. £46,732.34 (2019)

Perera, N and Arden, N.  Health and wellbeing in Rugby Study.  Southampton R and D £36,000 (2019)

Sankah, B. Global Research Initiator Scheme. £5000 for travel to Ghana to conduct Patient and Public Involvement activities with patients with hand OA and health professionals Aug-Sept (2018).  

 Zhou, D, Pain MTG and Folland JP. Seedcorn Funding. Musculoskeletal Diffusion Tensor Imaging for muscle fibre tracking and morphology in older adults. Loughborough University.  £5,000 (2019)


Cosker, D., O’Neill, E., Bilzon, J.L.J., McGuigan, M.P., Proulx, M., Yang, Y., Lutteroth, C. and Colyer, S. (2020-2025). Centre for the Analysis of Motion, Entertainment, Research and Applications (CAMERA 2.0). EPSRC Next Stage Digital Economy (£4,252,067) (2020)

Jones, S, Bilzon, J and Walsh, N.  Using iKOALA to sustain physical activity for long-term self-management of Osteoarthritis.  EPSRC Fast Healthcare Network Plus £48,624. (2019)

Szewczyk N (PA), Greenhaff PL, Constantin-Teodosiu D. Examining the impact of inactivity and diet on muscle health with age in C. elegans. BBSRC, £324,963. (2018)

Watt, F.  Fellowship UKRI Future Leaders Fellowship. (2020)


Li, LC, Liu-Ambrose, TYL, Puterman, EM, Adams, J, Allen, K, Backman, C, Carlsten, C, Cox, S, De Vera, M, Galea, L, Gromala, D, Leese, J, Loftsgard, K, Roos, E, Shaw, C, Skou, S, Taunton, J and Wang, Z.  Physical Activity for precision health: a multi-disciplinary research planning collaboration.  £10,000. Canadian Institutes of Health Research (2019)


Arden, N. MERCK. Knee Osteoarthritis (OA) patients in occupations with excessive knee joint force and the speed of knee OA progression.  Total project amount 208,574 Euro (Oxford £76,581) (2018)

Folland, JP and James, L. The effect of specific bioactive collagen peptides on muscle and tendon remodelling during resistance training. Gelita/Collagen Research Institute £350,000 (2019)


Bilzon, J.L.J. and McGuigan, M.P.  Research support to the MILO and BE-FIT studies. Ministry of Defence £60,000 (2020)

Greenhaff PL and Constantin-Teodosiu D. The impact of trauma and related inflammation on skeletal muscle fuel and protein metabolism. Defence Science and Technology Laboratory, £72,604. (2019).

Greenhaff PL and Atherton PJ, Wilkinson D. Evaluating protein dose requirements for women in ground close combat roles. Ministry of Defence. £250,931. (2018).

Gulati, M and Radojcic, MR. The role of gender, menopause and sex hormones in painful hand osteoarthritis.  £254,295 (2018)

McKay, C. The Post-traumatic Osteoarthritis Support Tool (POST) study.  £11,865. Bath Institute for Rheumatic Diseases.

Moran. G, Serres, S, Francis, S and Greenhaff, PL. Non-invasive approaches to identify the cause of fatigue in inflammatory bowel disease patients. Chrohn's and Colitis UK (2017)

Radojčić, MR. Biomarkers of musculoskeletal pain: towards personalised medicine in chronic widespread and localised musculoskeletal pain using cerebrospinal fluid proteomics, National Institute for Academic Anaesthesia, £68,631 (2020)

Wyatt, L and Scammell, B. Investigating why some people have ongoing ankle pain and poor recovery following a significant ankle injury; the Significant Ankle Ligament Injury (SALI) cohort study. Nottingham University Hospital Charity. £47,011.11. (2019)

Wyatt, L. Identifying predictors of recurrent ankle pain and ankle osteoarthritis following a significant ankle ligament injury: the SALI Biomarker Study. Research Design Service (RDS) EM Public Involvement Fund £300 (2019)

Versus Arthritis

Lord, J and Greenhaff, PLG.  MRC/Versus Arthritis Centre for Musculoskeletal Ageing Research. £2M (2017)

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