Versus Arthritis Centre for Sport, Exercise and Osteoarthritis
University of Nottingham
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Related research grants 2018-2023


1.  Ahmed, O, Adams, JE, Bond, C and Meroli, M.  Pump Priming. Living with Arthritis: how patients and the public use arthritis information on YouTube. £4,807.40.  Bournemouth University.

2.  Zhou, D, Pain MTG and Folland JP. Seedcorn Funding. Musculoskeletal Diffusion Tensor Imaging for muscle fibre tracking and morphology in older adults. Loughborough University. 

3.  Sankah, B. £5000 for travel to Ghana to conduct Patient and Public Involvement activities with patients with hand OA and health professionals Aug-Sept 2018.  Global Research Initiator Scheme, University of Southampton


1.  Li, LC, Liu-Ambrose, TYL, Puterman, EM, Adams, J, Allen, K, Backman, C, Carlsten, C, Cox, S, De Vera, M, Galea, L, Gromala, D, Leese, J, Loftsgard, K, Roos, E, Shaw, C, Skou, S, Taunton, J and Wang, Z.  Physical Activity for precision health: a multi-disciplinary research planning collaboration.  £10,000. Canadian Institutes of Health Research 


1.  McKay, C. The Post-traumatic Osteoarthritis Support Tool (POST) study.  £11,865. Bath Institute for Rheumatic Diseases.

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