Versus Arthritis Centre for Sport, Exercise and Osteoarthritis
University of Nottingham

Related research grants 2013-2018 


  1. Dr Cathy Bowen. Lifetime risk and epidemiology for foot OA. Dr W.M.Scholl podiatric R&D fund. £214,000
  2. J Bilzon and KA Stokes. A Double-blind randomised controlled trial to assess the efficacy of FLEXISEQ for the treatment of pre-arthritic knee pain in military personnel. MRC Proximity to Discovery + Pro Bono Bio. £211,000
  3. Julia Newton. Royal College of Radiology and Faculty of Sport and Exercise Medicine fellowship. GE funded. £50,000

Sports Advisory:

  1. Dr Alex Forrester. Automatic Bowling Classification (ABC) in cricketers. England and Wales Board. £12,000
  2. Newton, Arden. The short and longterm health consequences of professional racing.  Racing Foundation. £222,417
  3. Maria Stokes. Southampton Marine and Maritime Institute. £60,000.
  4. Jonathan Folland. Understanding and improving the limiting neuromuscular factors for middle distance running performance. English Institute of Sport. £42,432
  5. Keith Stokes. Player development and injury risk in youth rugby union. Rugby Football Union. £100,996
  6. Stokes and Hawkes – Older Golfers working with George Salem at the University of Southern California.  European Tour (golf). £78,000 

Arthritis Research UK:

  1. Dr Cathy Bowen. The use of foot and ankle assessment in predicting outcomes of knee arthroplasty. Arthritis Research UK: AHP Fellowship. £169,983
  2. Philip Conaghan. A randomised, double blind, placebo controlled two period crossover study to evaluate the efficacy of tofacitnib in relieving pain in patients with osteoarthritis of the knee. Arthritis Research UK. £140,816
  3. Jo Adams, Arden, Doherty.  The clinical effectiveness and efficacy of splinting for thumb base osteoarthritis: a randomised controlled trial (OTTER II).  Arthritis Research UK. £417,313
  4. Phil Conaghan. Arthritis Research Experimental Treatment Centre infrastructure continuation, £100,000
  5. Bowen, Arden, Redmond and Adams.  Nurse and AHP researcher career development internship scheme. £118,240
  6. Nigel Arden. The Femoro Acetabular Impingement MRI study (FAIM). £284,448
  7. Jo Adams. Travel award to attend World Federation of Occupational Therapists conference £500
  8. Bennett, A, Mobasheri, A, Arden, N and Batt, M.  “Biomarkers and joint pain in the Military Osteoarthritis Study (Bio-Mil-OA). Arthritis Research UK Special Strategic Award. £292,852.32
  9. Lewis, J, Adams, J. Exploring brain networks and patient description of body perception related musculoskeletal pain to discover new targets for future treatment.  Pain Challenge. £204,069.25

European Union

  1. Dr Ali Mobasheri. Novel Diagnostics and Biomarkers for Early Identification of Chronic Inflammatory Joint Diseases – “D-BOARD”. The European Commission – 7th Framework Programme (FP7-HEALTH.2012.2.4.5-2). Total cost: €7,866,137. EU contribution: €5,993,459
  2. Dr Ali Mobasheri. Chondrocyte Ion Channel Function and Regulation in Health and Disease - “CHONDRION”. The European Commission – Marie Curie Intra-European Fellowships for Career Development (FP7-PEOPLE-2013-IEF). €231,283
  3. Mobasheri, A et al.  APPROACH. EU. £312,877 + 1:1 Match funding


  1. Dr Jo Adams. Facilitators and barriers for people with OA to engage with aquatic exercise. Solent University . £5,000 
  2. Dr Martin Warner. Shoulder pain in wheelchair tennis athletes. Annual Adventure in Research Grant. £9,994
  3. Betsy Jones. An analysis of Long-Term Health Outcomes in Ex Cricketers. University of Oxford Medical Research Fund. £7,250.
  4. Carolyn Emery. Diamond Jubilee International Visiting Fellowship. University of Southampton/University of Calgary. £20,000 + £5,000
  5. Jo Adams - Faculty of Health Sciences Enterprise Internship Summer 2015, University of Southampton - Development of a Safer Ageing Tool £5,000
  6. Cathy Bowen - FortisNet Impact acceleration fund – Project spidersole £4,784
  7. Cathy Bowen - FortisNet Pump-prime funding – 3D orthotics printing £2,000
  8. Cathy Bowen (PI), Lucy Gates - FoHS Enterprise and Innovation grant, University of Southampton – Innovation internship £6,000
  9. Maria Stokes et al - Mobilisation Fellow, Institute for Life Sciences & Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Southampton - Mobile sensing and computing for assessing and promoting physical activity in health and disease – MoCAPP £57,242
  10. Kim Edwards – NCCSEM/University of Nottingham - Predicting disease risk from lifetime physical activity £78,000
  11. Richard Leech - Graduate School Travel Prize to attend ACSM, Denver.  £600
  12. Madi Davies: EIT Health Transition Fellowship.  An application to support post-professional athletes. £10,000


  1. Shakesheff, K (Lewis, MP) EPSRC and MRC DTC in Regenerative Medicine. £8.4M, Loughborough University
  2. Vikki Develin. PPI Engagement Event. Nottingham Catalyst Partnership fund: engaging the public with academic research. £500
  3. Peter Morris (R Kerslake and P Greenhaff contributions to MSK component). Clinical research infrastructure initiative for innovative imaging technologies. MRC CRCT and University of Nottingham. MRC CRCT £7.7M + University of Nottingham £1.67M
  4. D Cosker. (Bilzon) Centre for Analysis of motion, Entertainment Research and Applications (CAMERA). EPSRC. £5M
  5. C. Cooper. MRC Lifecourse Epidemiology Unit (and linked programme grants) 01/04/2015; Duration: 60; £14,995,000
  6. P Greenhaff (Prof M Narici PI). Structural and metabolic determinants of sarcopenia and efficacy of concentric vs. eccentric exercise training: a novel temporospatial approach. BBSRC project grant. £472,985
  7. P Greenhaff. Determination of the time-course of development of insulin resistance, and associated molecular and muscular adaptations, during prolonged bed-rest. BBSRC. £602,301
  8. P Greenhaff. Non-invasive, real time quantification of skeletal muscle metabolism during exercise in healthy volunteers using Dynamic Nuclear Polarisation (DNP) magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS). MRC. £104,740
  9. Philip Conaghan. Osteoarthritis Technology NetworkPlus (OATech+): a multidisciplinary approach to the prevention and treatment of osteoarthritis. EPSCR Healthcare Technologies Grand Challenges NetworksPlus £952,468
  10. M.Warner, V.Tolfrey, R.Kerslake, M.O.Heller. EPSRC Institutional Sponsorship Activities - Overcoming the engineering challenges when investigating upper limb function and injury in people with a disability £7,550
  11. Markus Heller. EPSRC Ref EP/K034847/1. Unicompartmental Knee Arthroplasty: Statistical modelling for the assessment of surgical technique, implant performance and patient selection. RC contribution £471,490
  12. Markus Heller. TSB/innovateUK Ref TS/M001520/1. The virtual patient software. RC contribution £495,200
  13. Mark Lewis. EPSRC. EPSRC-NIHR HTC Partnership Award 'Plus': UNIFY Plus £451,852
  14. James Bilzon. EPSRC Impact acceleration Account. Mapping Amputee Residuum Change and Manufacturing Personalised, Adaptable Prosthetic Inserts £62,769
  15. University of Bath and Bristol.  Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health Research and care west (CLAHRC West).  £9M


  1. Nadine Botha. Movement dysfunction in academy footballers with femoroacetabular impingement (FAI) – Pilot study.
    1. NIHR MRes Funding, £47,543.
    2. NIHR Internship £10,000
  2. Nadine Botha. Hip and groin pain in young footballers - exercise intervention. NIHR PhD Fellowship. £203,061
  3. Cathy Bowen - HIHR Career Development Fellowship. Optimisation of footcare for people with arthritis, £468,066
  4. Cathy Bowen - NIHR  Career Development Fellowship. Awarded £343,551.70. (end date November 2019).  
  5. Maria Stokes. NIHR I4i.  Mechanical Muscle Activity with real time kinematics. £962,512
  6. Joanna Adams – NIHR RfPB - The effects of compression gloves on people with Rheumatoid Arthritis or Early Inflammatory Arthritis with hand pain: a multi-centre randomised placebo-controlled trial Amount: £340,899
  7. Mark Batt – NIHR CLAHRC East Midlands – Promoting lifestyle change and self-management through structured education in people with multimorbidity: a randomised controlled trial. £248,494
  8. Anthony Redmond – NIHR - Stratification of patellofemoral pain, using MRI structural and biomechanical features, in order to target interventions. £388,584
  9. Jo Adams (co-app) – NIHR (DRF) - Return to work after Carpal tunnel surgery: Doctoral Research Fellow Award £303,081
  10. Jo Adams (collaborator) - NIHR Programme Grants for Applied Research - Chronic pain after total knee replacement: better post-operative prevention and management (the STAR Programme) £1,981,831
  11. Cathy Bowen (co-app) – NIHR RfPB - SHOES (People with Stroke and Parkinson’s Disease: Home and Outside Shoes) £249,767
  12. Nigel Arden. NIHR HTA. Risk-benefit and costs of unicompartmental (compared to total) knee replacement for patients with multiple co-morbidities: a non-randomised study, and different novel approaches to minimise confounding £268,076
  13. James Bilzon. NIHR. A Randomised Controlled Trial to assess the efficacy of a community-supported physical activity intervention for people aged >65 years: the REtirement in ACTion (REACT) study £1,600,000
  14. Ian Hall. The Biomedical Research Centre (BRC) Nottingham.  £23.9M (£4M MSK)
  15. NIHR Collaboration for Leadership in Applied health Research and Care (CLAHRC) Wessex £8,931,908
  16. Alan Jackson.  The Biomedical Research Centre (BRC) Southampton. £14,509,067
  17. Saul Faust. NIHR Welcome Trust Clinical Research Facility (CRF) £9,244,166
  18. Biomedical Research Centre Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust. £6,736,575
  19. Biomedical Research Centre Oxford University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust £113,718,800


  1. Rob Kerslake. Development of a concise muscle MR imaging and analysis package. Nottingham University Hospitals Charity Pump Priming. £7,457
  2. Nadine Botha - Solent NHS Research Capability Funding, £21,416. 


  1. Angela Ching. OARSI Fellowship. OARSI. £4,207.25
  2. Mark Batt and Debbie Palmer-Green. Significant Ankle Ligament Injury Study. BASEM. £10,000
  3. Wyatt, L. Young Investigator Travel Award.  OARSI. £692
  4. Kate Jackson. BASEM.  Jockey Study £3,300
  5. Cathy Bowen. College of podiatry pump priming.  Quality of current care versus the scale of the problem of the delivery of podiatry services with patients with OA. £110,000
  6. Katherine Brooke Wavell (Rob Kerslake).  NCSEM. Effect of cartilage on exercise. £52,500
  7. Arden. Drake Foundation.  Rugby Study. £350,000
  8. Anthony Redmond. NHMRC (Aus). Defining treatment targets to optimise the management of early midfoot osteoarthritis. £245,000
  9. Jo Adams. Higher Education Academy. Developing global health citizens through a European partnership: working with student co-researchers and digital champions to investigate intercultural learning £20,000
  10. Jo Adams (PI). Health Education Wessex Clinical Academic Internship £10,000
  11. Jo Adams (co-app). Royal College of Occupational Therapists. National guideline development for the Effectiveness of Splinting in Rheumatology £1,000
  12. Jo Adams (co-app). European League against Rheumatism EULAR. Recommendations for patient education of people with inflammatory arthritis €60,000
  13. Maria Stokes. Southampton Marine and Maritime Institute (SMMI) PhD Fellowship - Movement screening to prevent injuries in Royal Navy personnel £60,000
  14. Wessex Academic Health Science Network (WASHN).  Southampton Academic Health Sciences network £583,000
  15. Rob Kerslake. Development of a concise muscle MR imaging and analysis package. Nottingham University Hospitals Charity Pump Priming. £7,457
  16. Nadine Botha - Solent NHS Research Capability Funding, £21,416. 
  17. University’s of Bath, Bristol, Cardiff and Exeter.  NHS England.  West of England Academic Health Sciences Network £3M
  18. Adams, Lawson, Stokes, Arden and Hunter - CLARHC – Contain Joint Pain £100K
  19. Stokes and Adams. PhD funding from the Commonwealth. Developing exercise for Hand OA, working on golf study and OTTER trial. ~£50,000
  20. Stokes and Warner. UK Space Agency.  An International project to monitor the muscle health of astronauts on long-duration missions on the International Space Station (ISS). £191,892

Match Funding:

  1. Molecular basis of predisposition, risk and outcomes of running related injuries.  Requested £9,232 with a further £5K match funding from Nordic Biosciences for biomarkers work
  2. The Rowing Study.  Requested £8,300 with a further £15K match funding from Phillips for CT Scanning
  3. Sensors for sensing sport requested £6,531, with a further £6,531 match funding from the University of Southampton (Xsens Technologies)
  4. MRI assessment of joint health of the knees of current professional fast bowlers requested £5,100 with a further £5K match funding from ECB for scans.

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