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We are committed to making our website and the material provided on it accessible to as many people as possible. We try to make our website compatible with as many browsers as possible, but you may see inconsistencies in the presentation of pages if you are using an older browser.

Adjusting text size

You can increase or reduce the text size by using your browser's zoom function. On most browsers:

  • pressing the Control and + keys together will increase the size of the page
  • pressing the Control and - keys together will decrease the size of the page
  • pressing the Control and 0 keys together will return the page size to the original

On a Macintosh computer, you should use the 'Command' key instead of 'Control' in these combinations.

If this does not work on your browser, please consult your browser's help pages.

Changing your browser settings

If you are using a website and the text is too small, the font is difficult to read, or the colours that are used make the website difficult to read, you may wish to change certain settings in your web browser.

The University of Nottingham Accessibility pages contain a range of information on changing the website's style and background/text colours.

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