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International Movement Screening and Interventions Group (IMSIG)

The International Movement Screening and Interventions Group (IMSIG) was established by the Centre in December 2014.


Numerous movement screening tools are available, which assess different aspects of movement, with various levels of evidence to support them. These tools are primarily used for predicting risk of injury and / or characterising abnormal movement patterns to inform interventions (mainly exercise programmes) for injury prevention (prehabilitation) or rehabilitation after injury.

There are inconsistencies in:

  • Terminology – some of the test manoeuvres are the same but have different names, e.g. small knee bend, single leg squat
  • Performance of tests - some of the same tests are performed in slightly different slightly ways, which will affect the movement pattern
  • Rating of tests – assessment criteria can vary for the same test

The main challenges:

  • Clarify terminology and scope of existing screening tools
  • Conduct high quality research to determine which tools are valid and reliable
  • Decide which tools are appropriate for which specific purposes, such as a sporting and occupational groups, injury risk, prevention strategy, rehabilitation need etc. One tool will not suit all needs.

See 'Key Knowledge Gaps'


The Group's aim is to gain international consensus on the use of movement screening tools and interventions to develop a strong evidence-based approach for research and clinical practice.


Over 70 members, comprising researchers and clinical academics developing and evaluating movement screening tools and exercise interventions, and clinicians and practitioners (physiotherapists, sports trainers) using the tools and interventions.

There are 17 members on the Core Group and over 35 members are actively involved in Task Groups.

Further information:

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