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Patients and the Public

Take part! Get involved!

There are different ways that patients and the public can help us with, or find out more about, our research. Click on the links below for more information.

You can also see our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information.


People taking part in a research study


Patients and the public actively designing and supporting research projects in partnership with the research team


Sharing information and knowledge about research and results with patients and the public

The 'Research Cycle'

Research can be thought of as a ‘cycle’ that goes through different stages. Researchers need to think about each part of the cycle when they are planning their research projects. Patients and the public can help with a range of research activities at the different stages of the cycle, depending on the project.

Diagram of the Research Cycle 

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What do the stages of the research cycle mean for patient and public involvement?

  • Identifying and Prioritising - Helping researchers to decide what is important for them to research
  • Commissioning – Helping the groups who decide what research should be paid for
  • Designing and Managing – Helping researchers to plan their studies and making sure the research stays on track
  • Undertaking – Helping researchers to do their research
  • Disseminating – Helping researchers to share research news and results with the wider public 
  • Implementing – Helping researchers to make sure that the findings from their studies are passed on to healthcare practice 
  • Evaluating Impact – Looking at the difference that PPI has made to the research and the difference that research has made to healthcare

PPI group session 

What people say about Patient and Public Involvement:

"Patients can become involved to help other patients"  

"I got involved to make life better for the next generation. But it turned out to be really interesting and fun too."  

"Until I got involved in PPI I could not have imagined how interesting and enjoyable it would be"

"Patients who are interested in research become involved to then help recruit other patients"