Versus Arthritis Centre for Sport, Exercise and Osteoarthritis
University of Nottingham
Thursday 6th October 2022 (09:15)

Planning PPI to support Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (for Researchers)

Course offered by the NIHR Cambridge Biomedical Research Centre

How can we make PPI more inclusive so that we can involve a diverse range of people?

About this event

Sessions are free for students and staff from the NIHR, NHS, UK universities, public sector institutions and registered charities based in the UK. Please USE a work-associated work email to register (e.g., etc.). This session is not suitable for researchers from the private sector. Please contact the organiser if you have any further questions.

To maximise the impact of PPI and improve research for everyone, we need to involve a diverse range of people and communities. This session encourages participants to think about ways to design inclusive PPI opportunities that work for the communities they wish to involve. We will look at best practice and examples for relationship building, recruitment, activity planning and follow up.

This session will particularly suit research or PPI staff who have some experience of public involvement in research and are now looking for ways to increase the diversity of those they involve.

We will cover:

  • Looking broadly at groups historically excluded from research
  • Common challenges
  • Different communication channels and methods
  • Inclusive PPI activities
  • Following up post activity and research project
  • Working collaboratively to facilitate relationships across sectors
  • Accessibility needs contributors may have

We will draw from case studies and experiences of local researchers working in this space.

Please note we work on PPI with adults; what's discussed can relate to all audiences; however, we do not specifically cover PPI with children or young people.

'Tailored' PPI training for organisations

If your organisation would like to host online PPI training, we are happy to discuss this further with you. Please contact Amanda Stranks email:

How can I contact the organiser with any questions?

Please contact Georgina Norris email: with any questions