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Arthritis Care and Arthritis Research UK – joining together

Published by Arthritis Research UK | 27 July 2017

Arthritis Care and Arthritis Research UK have a shared ambition – to help over 10 million people living with arthritis in the UK. At the beginning of 2017, the charities began discussions about how we could best serve their needs. After careful consideration, the decision was made by the boards of both organisations to merge Arthritis Care into Arthritis Research UK. Due diligence has been commissioned and the aim is for the two charities to come together into a single organisation in October this year.

Standing together with one louder voice

Dr Liam O’Toole, chief executive officer of Arthritis Research UK, and Judi Rhys, chief executive of Arthritis Care, said: "Currently there are too many people living with the pain, fatigue and isolation caused by arthritis. The two charities are doing great work to address their needs and we know we can have a greater impact on people’s lives by creating one organisation.

"The aspirations of people with arthritis are changing and it is vital that we continue to meet their expectations. We can stand together with one louder voice to change attitudes and press for change. We can transform our care, support and information services so that many more people can build their knowledge, skills and resilience to live well with arthritis.

"We will continue our fight to find better treatments and even a cure and we’ll now be able to offer our supporters, members, volunteers, branches and groups the opportunity to join patient-focussed clinical trials and influence the research agenda. We believe that this is a truly exciting step."

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Posted on Thursday 3rd August 2017