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Get behind the Arthritis Research UK campaign to close the "arthritis work gap"

Published by Arthritis Research UK | 25 November 2016

Arthritis Research UK is urging people to get behind a campaign calling for the Government to provide better support for people with arthritis to find and stay in work.

We know, both from our research and what you’ve told us, that work matters to people with arthritis. Work means independence, it gives control and it can help people live their lives to the full. Yet the employment rate among people with arthritis is 20% lower than among people with no long-term health condition or disability.

Working with arthritis can pose big challenges but, with the right kind of support and job, working has real benefits for our physical and mental health, our financial position and our wider wellbeing.

That’s why in December through our Work matters to me campaign we’re calling for Government to close the ‘arthritis work gap’, so people with arthritis who want to work are given the opportunity to find and remain in work.

Make your voice heard

The Government has recently launched a consultation on disability, health and work, which highlights that employment support for people with disabilities and long-term conditions like arthritis isn't up to scratch, and asks for views on ways to improve the system. We want to ensure your voices are heard and that the needs of people with arthritis are reflected at the forefront of future government plans.

This December, we need your help to make this a reality. You can back our campaign and send a clear message to Government that work matters to people with arthritis by signing our open letter, responding to the consultation, and calling for Government to do more to address the needs of people with arthritis who want to work.

Sign up to our campaigns network now for exclusive news on the campaign launch in early December

For helpful tips on finding and remaining in work with arthritis, your rights around health at work and the support you’re entitled to, read our information on work and arthritis.

Look out for more on this campaign next month!

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Posted on Tuesday 29th November 2016