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University of Nottingham

Screening tool for elite ballet dancers

Work Package  Mechanisms of Movement Dysfunction and Interventions (WP3)  
Principal Investigator  Prof Fares Haddad (UCL) 
Investigator  Moira McCormack 
Details  The project is divided into 2 parts: 

  1. The initial research is to establish via a Delphi study, the requirements of international vocational ballet schools and professional companies in the main elements sought in the young dancer. Through the same study medical and dance physiotherapy experts will be consulted as to their recommendations on the prerequisites for the potential professional dancer.

  2. The second part of the research is divided into 2 parts:

    a. A series of passive screening tests for muscle flexibility, joint mobility and tissue laxity will be selected by an expert panel, tested and scored with the aim to develop a flexibility scoring system for dancers.

    b. The second aim here is to create a sensitive, efficient and reliable battery of tests that can be used for the annual functional screen, specific to the elite ballet dancer, to use as a tool to maintain or improve acuity. Functional deficits will guide interventions.