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University of Nottingham

Effects of immobilisation on skeletal muscle lipid, insulin resistance and brain function in healthy volunteers

What the research hopes to achieve

The aim of the pilot study was to determine the efficacy of prescribed regular low-grade electrically evoked muscle contraction at blunting immobilisation induced IR in response to an oral glucose challenge. 

The primary aim of the present mixed meal tolerance test study is to ascertain the time-course of changes in postprandial forearm lipid clearance over three days of forearm immobilisation, and to highlight any relationship that may exist between the attenuation of postprandial forearm lipid clearance and forearm glucose uptake during forearm immobilisation.  This will provide essential insight for a more invasive mechanistic investigation at a muscle cellular level.

Work Package  Biomarkers (WP2)
Principal Investigator  Prof Paul Greenhaff (University of Nottingham) 
Investigator  Aisling Burns 
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