Versus Arthritis Centre for Sport, Exercise and Osteoarthritis
University of Nottingham

Lifetime risk and epidemiology of foot osteoarthritis

What this research hopes to achieve

  • Describe the incidence, progression and risk factors for radiographic foot OA from ‘The Chingford 1000 Women Study’
  • Determine associations between lower limb biomechanical markers and radiographic foot OA in a sample of women selected from the returnees in ‘The Chingford 1000 Women Study’
  • Investigate potential gender differences related to foot OA by comparing self-reported foot characteristics between ‘The Chingford 1000 Women Study’ cohort at year 23 and a sample of men selected from The GOAL cohort
  • Use the radiographic foot images taken in to develop a reliable electronic atlas for future clinical evaluation of digitised radiographic foot OA, incorporating the ‘Hip and knee Morf’ technology
Work Package Epidemiology (WP1)
Biomarkers (WP2)
Mechanisms of Movement Dysfunction and Interventions (WP3)
Principal Investigator Dr Cathy Bowen (University of Southampton), Prof Nigel Arden (University of Oxford) and Prof Michael Doherty (University of Nottingham)
Investigators Peter McQueen and Dr Luke Suckling
Collaborator Scholl


feet resting on exercise ball