Versus Arthritis Centre for Sport, Exercise and Osteoarthritis
University of Nottingham

Understanding how exercise can change movement patterns to protect joints during sport and general activity


Many factors linked to the development of arthritis, including being overweight, certain activities and injuries to joints. Even without injury, the way a person moves during activity can affect joint health. Research suggests that specific exercises can be used to improve the way a person moves in order to help treat or prevent joint problems.

What the research hopes to achieve

The aim is to investigate whether abnormal joint movement can be changed with an exercise program. This research uses technology that measures movement accurately in three dimensions (3D).   

This study focuses on recreational football (soccer) players and those who do not play. 

This research will increase our understanding of how exercises can be used to maintain joint health and potentially reduce the risk of developing arthritis.


Work Packages 

Mechanisms of Movement Dysfunction and Interventions (WP3)

Principal Investigator  Professor Maria Stokes (University of Southampton) 
Investigator  David Wilson 
Collaborators University of Melbourne (Prof Kim Bennell); University of Calgary (Prof Carolyn Emery and Prof Janet Ronsky)