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Bursaries (internal only)

The Centre bursary scheme seeks to provide the opportunity for researchers across a range of relevant disciplines interested in research in sport, exercise and osteoarthritis to be able to attend key conferences and research meetings. 

The aims are to promote the Centre’s work, increase collaborative opportunities and raise the Centre’s profile by providing competitive bursaries to researchers to present the Centre’s work at large international conferences that would otherwise be prohibitively costly. 

Included within this bursary scheme are funding opportunities for visits to national and international collaborating centres for fellows and Centre PhD students.  These opportunities will provide additional stakeholder involvement particularly necessary with sporting bodies. 

Further information and application details can be found PDF file icon here or MS Word Icon here.

Submission dates:
Friday 18th August 2022 (5pm) 
Friday 14th October 2022 (5pm)
Friday 6th January 2023 (5pm)

Successful candidates will be expected to provide a 2 page written report summarising the event. This report must be submitted at the same time as the final expense claim for reimbursement. 

Please note there is a cap of £1000 per application.

Email for more detials

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